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About the millennia-old wine culture, viticulture and grape varieties, classics and trendsetters, niche products and market leaders.

Culture and terroir

Geological and climatic characteristics make each area special, the basis for the culture and tradition of the people who live there.

food and wine

Which wine with which food? The right food/wine match can create an unforgettable taste experience

travel and sport

Take a holiday in the wine regions! The trend is pointing steeply upwards. Hiking, cycling or golf, with simultaneous discovery of the wine world in the region.


Reports on wineries and winemakers, their philosophies and products, tastings with evaluation and events.


It doesn't always have to be wine! Would you like to take a trip into the world of spirits and liqueurs? Then you've come to the right place.

The Author

Martin Villgrater is a qualified sommelier of the AIS - Associazione Italiana Sommelier and has ten years of professional experience as a publicist and member of the Italian Chamber of Journalists